Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on Gates Controversy II

Reading through news reports and blogs, it is clear that this story has blown up out of control. Pick the person you want to blame. Obama, Crowley, or Gates. I cannot believe that a police union demanded an apology from the President. I can't believe the President is even involved with this. I can't believe Obama is having a beer with the men involved. I can't believe the 911 caller felt the need to get an attorney. I can't believe some Republican introduced a resolution calling for the President to apologize.

I can see now that just as in every stupid story like this, everything about it will be nitpicked to death. Many on the left won't rest until they have proven St. Crowely of being a racist power hungry lowbrow lying police officer. Many on the right won't be satisfied until Gates is proven to be an elitist narcisstist communist and race baiter.

Now we will soon learn about Crowley getting in a fight with a black kid in 3rd grade. His ex-wife will say she heard him say the "n" word once and that he loved drowning black kittens. People will find where Gates lectured once that America would be better as a communist nation, and that black people have a inherent right to be dictators of it.

This is the kind of ridiculous crap that this kind of discussion brings and frankly I'm sick of it. On both sides.

The simple truth is that a police officer shouldn't have arrested the guy and the guy shouldn't have lost his temper at the police. It's a shame this has turned into a racial incident, when I don't think color had anything to do with it at all.