Monday, July 27, 2009

What's in a name? That which we call a rose.....

Get this. Congressman Kevin Brady on the Joint Economic Committee created this chart to show what kind bureaucracy one will have to navigate through if the new health care bill passes (Click on link for bigger picture). The Democrats, in their power, have banned members of Congress from using the chart when discussing the healthcare bill.

Human Events reports that "Republicans are no longer allowed to use the words 'government run health care' in the communications to their constituents." The report says Rep. John Carter (R-TX) received a notice from the Franking Commission censoring his use of "government-run health care," saying he "must" instead call it a "public option health care plan"

Umm....Free speech anyone? I'm wondering if this has ever happened before, where a Congressman is forced to use the language of the opposition.

The left loves to change wording to mask the truth or reveal it's real intentions. "Global warming" has become "climate change" since the warming thing wasn't exactly happening any more. Obama's Homeland Security Secretary no longer uses the term "terrorism" but "man-caused" disaster. It softens it up a bit, doesn't it? We are not suppose to feel as much fear when she talks about "terrorism" now. When it became clear "The Stimulus Bill" wasn't stimulating anything, the administration went back to calling it "The Recovery and Reinvestment Act."

Now that "government run" brings to mind inefficiencies that we have all come to know when the government runs...well anything, the Democrats now don't want the word "government" involved in the discussion. Better to use the term "public option." It just sounds so much more benevolent, doesn't it?

They can call it whatever they wish, but it doesn't change the fact that the healthcare bill is a disaster for Americans.

While we are talking about healthcare, Read about the GOP plan here.

via The Freedom Project