Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Health care crazy continues....

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From NRO

Vote Back On? [Jonah Goldberg]

From Red State:

Head's up: there is a rumor circulating in the House of Representatives that enough Blue Dogs have caved on health care for Nancy Pelosi to get the bill to the floor this week. The memo to Republicans assuring them there'd be no vote could have been a ruse to turn down constituent heat enough.

Democrats are growing fearful that August recess will turn the Blue Dogs cold and want something out by Friday.

It appears they may have the votes to do that.

Who knows if this is true or not, but I think it would be a big mistake. Every day Democrats even agree that this is something that shouldn't be rushed. Something this big and this life changing for so many people needs to be looked at in a manner that doesn't include votes being bought or coerced. This is too important for that. It will only hurt Democrats in the long run. Pelosi doesn't want time for Americans to be able to take a good long look at this. That is why she is rushing it. And that's just wrong.

Update: The Hill is hearing differently. But I think something is up. We shall see.

Here is a list of the Blue Dogs. It wouldn't hurt for them to hear from you today and let them know how you feel!

Update: (12:20Pm) Mark Knoller (of CBS) just tweeted that Pres. Obama says there's won't be a real vote on health care bill til after the summer and Congress will “have more than enough time to read it.”

He also tweeted this interested tidbit: "Obama says he'll go over health care bill "line by line" with any member of Congress who wants to come to the WH."

Now THAT's the way to pass a bill. READ IT FIRST.

One more update. Fox News says the blue dogs cut 100 billion dollars from the bill and exempted small businesses with a payroll greater than $500,000 from paying for any government-sponsored health coverage. Doctors and other health care providers will be allowed to negotiate their payment rates with the government-sponsored health care arm. And the public option will be optional. Not sure what that means since if your company chooses the govt plan it's not optional for you anymore.

Also, Jake Tapper of ABC tweeted that the CBO preliminary report shows this Committe bill will reduce deficit, cover 95% of Americans and cost less than $900 billion over10 yrs.

** **In 1965 when Medicare was conceived the govt report said that it would cost 9 billion dollars (cost of living and inflation adjusted)by 1990. The actual cost by 1990 was 67 billion dollars.

Keep that in mind when you look a the "projected' costs of healthcare.