Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BigDog's Random Thoughts

People with bumper stickers - political, Cause, group or even that Christian fish on their car identifying themselves with some group or cause really ought to put more thought and care into their driving than the average. Advertising on your car makes you an ambassador of sorts, and bad driving leaves a poor impression.

Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and anyone opposed to socialized health care ought to repeat and emphasis that the US has the best health care in the world which is not rationed and accessible to all, that the question at hand is who pays for it and how. Then point out that Obama/Democrats want to ration care and have government pay for it with higher taxes. Its easy to get distracted from this central point.

Birthers are asses.

Republicans are hoping to regain control of the House in 2010. This is an achievable goal. They will not succeed by merely relying on Democrats misbehavior and unpopularity. Republicans must actually offer a viable alternative and articulate it. This does not mean "our plan is just like the Democrat's plan, but not as much. Vote for us!" They have to stop being timid, prevaricating and diffident. They have to start acting like a team and stop being so accommodating to Democrats. Republicans have a long row to hoe, having defecated on their own reputation when they were in power with deficit spending, expanding government, TARP and Bailouts, and failing to rein in government bureaucracy.

This is a president who needs a vacation
Perhaps. He seems to golf more than other Presidents. Naturally the media cheers Obama's golf outings whereas they criticized those of past Republican Presidents. Obama is a duffer, and clearly no athlete no matter how much media types flatter him.