Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tea Party Rundown!

This is an aerial view of our last Houston Tea Party in Jones Plaza on tax day. We had 8000 there! You can see how they spilled out into the streets.

That's why we chose Discovery Green this time. Wide open and spread out. There will plenty of room for everyone! Music, food, fun, and patriotism! That is the way to start the 4th of July weekend.

I know this is directed at my fellow Houstonians, but where ever you live, you can find a tea party to attend!! Look here to find one near you!


Remember! Get out to Discovery Green Friday, July 3rd 5:00-8:00! Lawn will be open at 4:00

Here's an Information Document for you with program, directions, and site map

Here is another document for additional parking

Tea Parties Join Forces to Fight Cap and Trade!

Houston has joined other cities in getting out the word on cap and trade. Here is, in part, some of the press release:

The House of Representatives violated their own rules by voting on a bill they did not read, by disallowing amendments, by failing to have a printed copy available for voting members, and most importantly against the wishes of the American public. The Congressional phone lines were overwhelmed on Friday, according to CNN, as a result of the volume of calls. "Ohio representatives report that constituents were against the bill by a measure of 20 to 1 yet some representatives, such as Ohio's Steve Driehaus (D-01), voted with the party instead of the people. In short, they failed their oath to defend, protect, and represent their State. This is not the way our Founding Fathers intended it." said Harald Zieger of the Cincinnati Tea Party.

The Cincinnati, Orlando, and Greater Houston tea parties will organize their own supporters and reach out to tea parties around the country to organize efforts to call local representatives and all decided and undecided Senators nationally. "Our goal is to exceed 10,000 calls, says Felicia Cravens of the Greater Houston Tea Party Society, "but I believe our now small grassroots effort will grow exponentially over the next few weeks. We expect to meet and exceed our national target."

So after this event, we will be organizing calling parties to have our voices heard. BE A PART OF IT!! Together we can make a difference. We can defeat cap and trade, but we need YOU to help!

Show your support and lend your voice to the Tea Parties this weekend! Our friends are hosting Tea Parties in these other locations:

July 1st - Baytown - San Jacinto Tea Party
5:30 - 7:30 Houston Raceway Park

July 2nd - Woodlands / Conroe
5:00 - 9:00 Lone Star Expo Center

July 4th - Katy - Katy Tea
5:00 7801 FM 359

Kingwood Tea Party Society will be in Kingwood 4th of July parade 8:30

Come join Americans to celebrate this great country, and the movement to ensure that it stays great!

See you Friday!!