Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Hypocrisy of The Democrats

One thing I never thought I would do is ever agree with Dee Dee Myers on anything. But I do agree with her on this. I just think it laughable that it comes from her.

She is coming down hard on Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s 27-year-old speechwriter, because of a photo that appeared which shows him with his hand groping the breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton. See here. He is the one on the left.

It is unacceptable in my opinion. Of course pictures of this kind floated all over the net and even on TV of Sarah Palin with no response from feminists like Myers, but they always withhold their outrage on anything done to a conservative woman. More on that later.

Myers says that Favreau is not some college kid. He is playing in the big leagues now and should behave appropriately. Who is she kidding? She worked for the man who paved the way for all men who are Democrats to excuse themselves from any crass or inappropriate behavior toward women......Bill Clinton. Myers writes that Favreau's behavior " It’s an act of deliberate humiliation. Of disempowerment. Of denigration." What did she think Bill Clinton's acts were? Humiliation doesn't even begin to describe what Hillary went through during the whole Lewinsky scandal. And I can think of no more disempowering act than a subordinate getting down on her knees to pleasure her boss. So Myer's outrage seems a bit too little, too late.

Favrea was but a teenager during Clinton's Presidency. I'm sure he heard or read all the salacious details of Bill and Monica. He learned that it was fine to cheat on your wife with a young woman not much older than your own daughter. Even if you are President. He learned that Democrats will stand behind you in your humiliation of your wife and lying to the American people about it. He learned that as long as the woman is into it, you can use her and your power for your own pleasure.

Given that, Myer's outrage doesn't hold much water with me.

It isn't surprising that it would be a Hillary cut out that Favrea would grope and then laugh. Her husband taught him that it was fine to humiliate her.

It is also ironic that Myers would write this for a magazine, Vanity Fair, whose cover has Tina Fey, dressed in a skimpy outfit with an American flag flying behind her, with the caption "A New American Sweetheart." Right. I suppose they feel we owe a debt of gratitude to Tina Fey for saving us from Sarah Palin. I suppose they use that as a way to justify the fact that Tina Fey portrayed a Governor and an intelligent, accomplished woman like Palin, as a bumbling beauty queen hick. They don't even see how they are a part of the reason women are denigrated and disrespected.

Democrats like Myers and the writers and editors of Vanity Fair are swimming in a sea of hypocrisy.