Monday, December 08, 2008

Ewww...No one likes the Kennedys

Except for Caroline. This is funny because it's so true. Keep in mind this is from Gawker Magazine, New York based and liberal. But they don't mind mocking their own: (emphasis mine)

Supposedly, Governor Paterson is going to appoint Caroline Kennedy to serve the remainder of Hillary Clinton's Senate term. Caroline Kennedy is basically the only Kennedy left who everyone likes.We like her, don't you? The lady Kennedys have historically been much more tolerable than the men Kennedys of course, and now all we have left of them anyway are smug RFK Jr and sad old Ted and some drunk kids and, uh, Patrick Kennedy. So Caroline: the Kennedy it's still cool to like! Unless you're Hillary Clinton.

According to Fredric Dicker, Paterson is actually not leaning toward appointing Kennedy, because she is "quiet and non-assertive," and a New York Senator needs to be a huge d*ck all the time, like Chuck Schumer.

Also, well, there is this little problem:

"Why would she want to see that seat go to someone who essentially double-crossed her?" the source said, noting the Kennedy family's endorsement of Obama in the primary. "It's a nightmare scenario for her."

Yes! Clinton/Kennedy bitchery! The primaries will never, ever end!

The Schumer line just cracked me up! Could that not be any more true?

Have you ever wondered why you have never heard about Caroline Kennedy's children ever getting into trouble? It's not because they haven't. Read the whole thing and find out how Caroline is just better at covering those things up.