Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fight On

The House passed the Bailout last night.

Here are the Republicans that voted for it. Remember them come election time:

Barton (TX)
Buyer (IN)
Camp (MI)
Capito (WV)
Castle (DE)
Ehlers (MI)
Emerson (MO)
English (PA)
Frelinghuysen (NJ)
Hoekstra (MI)
Hunter (CA)
Knollenberg (MI)
LaHood (IL)
LaTourette (OH)
Lewis (KY)
Manzullo (IL)
McCotter (MI)
McCrery (LA)
McHugh (NY)
Miller (MI)
Tim Murphy (PA)
Porter (NV)
Ramstad (MN)
Regula (OH)
Rogers (MI)
Ryan (WI)
Smith (NJ)
Souder (IN)
Upton (MI)
Walsh (NY)
Young (AK)

The fight goes to the Senate now. Let's see if the Republicans there can remember why they are Republican.

via Michelle