Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Issue That Haunts Us

Once again abortion raises it's ugly head in an election. Make no mistake about it, the main reason the left is snarling mad over Sarah Palin is not because of experience or vetting or anything like that. It's all about her stance on life.

We on the pro-life side were thrilled with the choice of Palin. To finally have a truly conservative woman on the ticket was a wonderful thing. But to the left, where abortion matters more than anything else, it was an unacceptable choice. Even though it's our party, our ticket, and our choice, they on the left will not have it.

There is something seriously wrong when many people get so upset over a politician who thinks that an unborn child deserves the right to live, but doesn't blink an eye when the Democratic nominee doesn't even think a baby born alive from a botched late term abortion should be kept alive.

Such is what the culture of death has brought us.

It has brought us a Democratic party that cannot break free of it's dedication to destroying unborn life. It has brought us a party who will not even listen to the other side.

Obama has now put together an ad touting his abortion rights position and slamming McCain for his pro-life stance.

In 1973 nine men in robes decided that the unborn child had no right to live. We as a people were never able to have a national debate on this issue. It was never decided by the people. 35 years later, with technology that tells us much more about when a baby's heart begins to beat and brainwaves are detected, we still ignore the reality of unborn life and what it means to end that life. We have never studied what abortion does to women physically or emotionally. Abortion was our demented Uncle in the attic. We pretended he wasn't there. But he bellows from the dark place he lives and he never gives us peace.

This entire disgraceful and disgusting attack on Palin is rooted in abortion. The distaste that so many feel for Obama is based on his deeply rooted belief that a child is a "punishment" for those who are in crisis pregnancies.

It is past time for our country to have a true national debate on this issue. It's time for Americans to face the truth of abortion. We need to see it. We need to hear from women on both sides. We need to hear from Doctors on both sides. We need to finally let the people decide what we really want and what is really right.

Because if we don't, this issue will continue to be the divisive, hurtful, hateful thing that it is.

Overturning Roe v. Wade, that was based on lie after lie, will not outlaw abortion as many on the left would like you to believe. It will only allow us to have this important debate and decide for ourselves whether this is what we want for our future.