Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Get Ready for the Blowback from attacks on Palin

The left and the MSM thought they could smear Gov. Palin on an issue that affects millions of American parents. They thought they could call her a "bad mother" and they actually thought that the mothers across America would think that was ok?

They thought they could question her ability to do a job with children at home and not imagine that people could ask the same of Obama? They couldn't see how sexist that was?

They misjudged this one. Fred Thompson is getting ready to set these people straight tonight in his speech. I look forward to it. I have never seen the base so fired up. They were fired up on Friday when she was announced, but now they are fired and ANGRY at the way the left has tried to smear her. We are going to be sending a message to Sarah that we stand behind her 100%. We are going to fight every attack and every smear they throw at her.

We are ready. Bring it on.

I have a feeling that when Sarah Palin speaks there will be no doubt that she is up for the challenge. This woman rocks. She represents the millions and millions of women who are strong, but know how hard it is to raise a family in this culture. She represents all of us who knows what it takes to work and get kids to practice and plan the week for everyone. She represents all of us who went to work with swollen ankles and a bad hair day. She represents all of us who never let the obstacles get us down. She represents all of us who face our problems head on and keep moving forward because so many people depend on us.

The left made a big mistake in attacking her on a personal level. Sarah will stand up to all the vile things said about her and she will make us all proud to be women, proud to be Americans, and proud to break through that glass ceiling, not with anger or bitterness, but with hard work and determination.

Now go show some $$ love for Sarah!