Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a Hurricane. Do you know where your kids are?

The most horrible thing about having grown children is they insist on making their own decisions.

I have a Senior at LSU and as of last night he just hadn't decided whether to leave Baton Rouge yet. I find it is very difficult to strangle someone over the phone.

He has a Grandmother 2 and half hours north in Jackson, Ms. But he was thinking of going with a friend of his to a small town outside of Shreveport. Why? Because he wouldn't have to drive.

When I tried to call him last night a voice would say "you have reached a non-working number." What?? Maybe it was because of so many people using their cell phones. He finally calls me at 10:00 pm. He says they may leave in a bit. (Remember it's 10:00pm!!!) Since it isn't possible to knock him over the head through the phone, I tell him to call me when he leaves and to call me or text me at least twice during the day today so I will know where he is.

And, of course, he does not do any of those things. Because he enjoys torturing me. He still hasn't forgiven me for not buying him the first big game system Sega Genesis that came out the Christmas he was two or the fact that I made him brush his teeth twice a day his entire life. Some kids hold grudges, ya know?

I just now called him and it went straight to voicemail. Which means either he forgot to charge his phone (a big possibility because planning ahead has never been his strong suit) or he turned it off in some sort of sick scientific experiment to measure the amount of worry an average mother can endure before descending into madness.