Saturday, August 23, 2008


I just find the whole Biden thing strange. There is this BIG buildup to the announcement of Obama's running mate and it was suppose to happen Friday. Then nothing happens Friday and Obama team says it will send out the text message on Saturday at 10am. Only they didn't. They sent it out at the ungodly hour of 4:50am ET, when absolutely everyone was sleeping, except those who work the overnight shift for the press.


Then, after all the buildup the pick is...Joe Biden? The same Biden that has about 50 gaffes on tape about everything from saying Obama isn't ready to be President to how great McCain is, in addition to the "clean articulate black guy" gaffe. The Obama camp knew that would be played over and over.

Just too strange.

My speculation? He wasn't the first choice. The first choice said no. That would explain the delay and explain why Biden said yesterday that he wasn't "the guy."

Hillary perhaps? I mean Hillary would have been the big bang at the end of this text message drama. It would have lived up to the hype. It would have been HUGE. It would have been something talked about non stop for weeks. It would have united the party and brought on the 18 million voters who voted for Hillary. Obama isn't doing as well in the polls as expected. He is in tight race. He needs every single vote he can get. Hillary would have provided that for him.

If he didn't ask Hillary first, then I really do question his judgement.

If he did and Hillary said no, then her judgement isn't so bad after all.