Wednesday, August 20, 2008

History and Prayer

I've been watching on the History channel the campaigns of the 60's. So interesting.

It was a crazy and insane time. The assassinations. The anti-war protestors. The Democratic National Convention of 1968.

I had never seen video of The Democratic National Convention of 1968. We have all heard of the group called "Recreate 68" on the net, but after watching the horrifying video of that time, I would never ever want that recreated anywhere, even the Democratic Convention now. I hadn't realized the anti-war protestors of the 60's were just as terrible as the code pinkers today. The digust I felt at the code pink protestor who charged Condi Rice with "bloody hands" is how I felt as I watched the video the protestor of 68 that flew the Vietcong flag.

Another thing I saw on the history channel was the assassination of Robert Kennedy as he was running for President. I had seen it before, but it had been a long time. Truly gut wrenching.

It just got me to thinking that we would never want that to happen again. So I am going to take a moment and ask everyone who reads this and prays, to lift up Obama and McCain in prayer that they are kept safe in their campaigns and their conventions. I think Obama might be more of a target because of the historical nature of his candidancy, so I want to especially pray for his protection.

I know that might sound strange coming from somone who does not want him to be President. But I would never want anything like that to happen to him. So if you pray, pray that no protest becomes violent and that no candidate is targeted in any way.