Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hillary supporters STILL not happy

The New York Post:

WomenCount's leaders say they aren't trying to make trouble, but to funnel all the Clinton passion responsibly. Says one founder, Democratic activist Jehmu Greene: "This passion won't go away. Obama and McCain will have to answer to the women of America."

Other groups don't have such high-minded plans for the convention. "Real Democrats USA" plans to distribute opposition research on Obama that it says is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Then there's "Just Say No Deal" - whose motto is "A coalition of millions with one thing in common - NOBama."

The group has rented a multimedia loft for "Democratic bloggers who chose not to fall in line" and support Obama, and is covering travel costs as needed. Sunday night, it will host an event to air a documentary, "The Audacity of Democracy," which chronicles supposed fraud perpetrated by the Democratic National Committee during the primaries. One organizer says its members will only vote Democrat if Hillary Clinton is at the top of the ticket.

Meanwhile, "The Denver Group" - which blames Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean for running a corrupt process that secured the nomination for Obama - has acquired two time slots to air TV ads reminding delegates and superdelegates of their rights and responsibilities and to "make clear what the consequences may very well be for the Democratic Party if they do not."
The pro-Clinton group "18 Million Voices" will put the spotlight on Clinton when its members march in Denver to celebrate her candidacy.
And "Democrats for Clinton" still maintain on its Web site: "We believe this race should go on and Clinton should be able to have an opportunity to make her case at the convention." They send out a daily "Electability Watch" chronicling any weakness in Obama's campaign, and urging supporters to pressure delegates to cast their votes for Clinton.

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