Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Sticks It To Hillary and Jesse

White or black, male or female. It doesn't matter how profound your history is within the party (Jesse Jackson) or how much you have given of your life to the party (Hillary Clinton), if you were a part of the past 30 yrs in a significant way and your name is Hillary or Jesse, you are being dismissed. Oh, they are giving Hillary what she wants at the convention out of fear of alienating her 18 million voters in the primary, but I have a feeling Obama won't have Hillary in his top five on his i-phone. In fact, she won't be in his phone at all.

Obama may have said that Hillary was on his shortlist for V.P selection, but the truth is that he never even vetted her. No wonder we have gotten less than estactic stumping for Obama from Hillary or Bill. No wonder the PUMA's are still ticked.

I have to give it to Hillary. She keeps getting betrayed and she still shakes it off and keeps on keeping on. She is one tough cookie.

Jesse Jackson seems to have been put out to pasture by the Obama camp. Once a Presidential contender that registered more than 1 million black voters and was the first African-American candidate to win major primaries. He gave inspiring speeches twice at Democratic conventions. But what about this time at the Democratic National Convention in Denver? Oh, how far the mighty have fallen:

Jackson and the campaign went through an uneasy minuet during the last two weeks over the issue of whether Jackson would appear at the Democratic National Convention at all. Ultimately Jackson sought clearance from Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett before deciding to appear in Denver.

Jesse had to appeal to the Obama campaign to even appear. It gets even worse for Jesse:

Jackson had expected to speak at a Democratic National Committee prayer breakfast next Thursday that will commemorate the 45th anniversary of the March on Washington. Jackson was at that march, near the speaker's stand, to hear King make his famous "I have a dream" speech. However, Jackson said Thursday that the DNC has decided to focus attention on the role of the King family and Jackson will not speak. Sharpton is scheduled to address the breakfast.

Ouch to that last sentence.

While I am no fan of Jesse Jackson, I think his life work in the Democratic party deserves a little better than that. We won't be hearing much from Jesse anymore. He doesn't seem to me to be the vengeful type and he has to keep in mind his son's future in the party. But Hillary?....She won't soon forget this and she isn't going anywhere.