Friday, July 25, 2008

Where in the world is Hillary Clinton?

On the plane Wednesday I read a Vanity Fair piece about the Hillary primary campaign. Basically it was infighting and Bill that brought things down. It was all pretty brutal.

Last we heard Hillary said she would work hard for Obama. So where the heck is she?

I did actually get to feeling sorry for Hillary at the end there. It seemed everyone she counted on abandoned her. Now things are even worse. Her biggest fan and backer, Terry McAuliffe suggested to a crowd of Virginia Democrats this week that Gov. Tim Kaine would be the best choice for Obama's V.P. pick.


Last I heard she was speaking to the American Federation of Teachers in Chicago on July 12th. Has anyone seen her lately? In addition to that, the big donors to the Hillary campaign aren't exactly rushing with their cash to Obama .

According to BizJournal, fewer than 3 percent of Clinton's top donors have given any money to the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Also, this interesting tidbit:

Lynn, Lady de Rothschild, one of Clinton's biggest supporters, has started a web site that aims to place Clinton's name into the nominating process at the convention. Lady de Rothschild, like many Hillraisers, is reluctant to support Obama.

Where is Hillary? I don't know. Maybe plotting?