Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Dying Endorsement

(CNN) — Support for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to extend to death row Wednesday.

According to The Jackson Clarion Ledger, a Mississippi newspaper, death row inmate Dale Leo Bishop's final words before being executed Wednesday night included an appeal to Americans to vote for the Illinois senator.

"For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the scenes to end this practice," Bishop said, according to the paper.

Really? Obama's supporters are working behind the scenes while Obama says this in front of the cameras?

"I have said repeatedly that I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow circumstances for the most egregious of crimes,"

You mean they are saying one thing to our face and advocating another behind our back?

Just another day in Obamaland.