Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's Jewish Problem

Kathyrn Jean Lopez over at NRO interviewed Caroline B. Glick, who is the deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post and the senior fellow for Middle East Affairs at the Center for Security Policy.

Read the whole thing, but two things Glick said stood out to me:

Glick: Obama acts like a European leader in his treatment of Israel. On the one hand, he professes this profound respect for Israel and the Jews, and goes on and on about how our security is important to him. On the other hand, he espouses policies that undermine Israeli security and threaten its survival, and demands that the Jewish state become the only state that turns its other cheek towards our enemies as they try to kill us. This is the same sort of message that we hear from all Europeans leaders. And it is tiresome and insulting.
Lopez: Does Obama have it? (a commitment to Israel)

Glick: No, Obama doesn’t have it. His statements about Iraq being a “diversion” alone are proof that he fundamentally refuses to acknowledge that there is a global jihad raging, that Israel is a frontline state in the jihad and that the U.S. cannot allow jihadists to gain control of any territory and particularly territory as strategically vital as Iraq or Jerusalem and the West Bank. Obama is a quintessential leftist who thinks that war can be wished away by blaming the U.S. for its enemies’ hatred and malicious designs. This is the type of person who will push very hard not only for America to stand down from the war and ask the Iranians for forgiveness while enabling them to get the bomb, but will blame Israel for the Arab world’s refusal to accept its right to exist.

Obama's prayer that he stuck in the wailing wall was taken and given to the press, which is wrong and disturbing. But almost as disturbing to me is the fact that the prayer was obviously written with the intent of it being given to the press. You can read the prayer at the link. I don't feel that comfortable publishing here myself.