Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"The Obama Effect"

The Trailer.

From Politico:

Right-wing provocateur and well-known Clinton antagonist David Bossie says he will premiere a documentary critical of presidential candidate Barack Obama in Denver on the Sunday before the Democratic National Convention.

Expected to recycle the “greatest hits” of cable TV clips that damaged Obama’s candidacy, from the wailing of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Michelle Obama’s “proud of my country” gaffe, the project from Bossie’s group Citizens United released an online trailer over the weekend and is being advertised on Fox News this week. It will be released on DVD nationwide Sept. 1.

I don't know how effective these things are. It seems too contrived with the flipping screens and all that. I am so sick of Obama at this point that I don't even want to see anything about him, critical or not.

It seems to me just a straight forward review of Obama's past record, flip/flops, and questionable ties is all we need.