Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Remember Haditha

Of course the left in this country does not want to remember the "Haditha massacre." They would rather forget Democrat Rep. Murtha's smear on our Marines saying they were "cold blooded killers" 2 years ago. The New York Times and so many other newspapers went on and on about it.

All the Marines have been cleared so far in the Haditha incident with one trial left to go. Seven tried. Seven cleared. And the newspapers aren't quite giving the headlines to this story that they did when they thought the Marines were guilty.

Michelle Malkin at NRO has a list of the bloody headlines of newspapers that will issue no apology to the families now. But this part of Michelle's article says why the attitude of so many on the left leaves me with little respect for them:

Murtha and company applied Queen of Hearts ("Off with their heads!") treatment to our own men and women in uniform while giving more benefit of the doubt to foreign terror suspects at Gitmo.

Our boys deserved the benefit of the doubt, but the left and the media in this country refused to give it to them. I'll never understand that as long as I live.