Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama's America

It's always interesting to see how those across the pond see our elections and our candidates. Apparently the Brits are just gaga over Obama. But this article in The Telegraph sees Obama as he really is:

He wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), and if Canada and Mexico refuse the terms he will offer, threatens to cancel the entire trade-opening deal.

He has pledged to turn down new trade deals, on the general theory that free trade has cost America jobs, and, more important, antagonised his trade union patrons.

There's worse. Obama is eager to shed America's role as keeper of world order. Troops are to be brought back from Iraq regardless of what generals tell him, a position far more extreme than Gordon Brown's. The PM courageously decided to slow troop withdrawals when his generals advised they are still needed in Basra.


Nor can Europeans be happy with Obama's promise to meet with the world's bad guys, no pre-conditions required. He is apparently unaware that his willingness to meet the leaders of North Korea and Iran (Castro the younger is also on his list, but fear of a backlash among Florida's Cuban expatriate community has muted this plan) undermines the multilateral efforts of the groups that are dealing with those regimes.

But here is the interesting part:

My guess is that British voters would really prefer a dual presidency, with Obama handling domestic policy and McCain in charge of foreign policy. Obama could make America more like Britain with universal, government-managed health care; higher taxes on the "rich" and on capital gains; expanded social services; trade unions made more powerful; continued preferences for blacks seeking university places and government jobs; gay marriage or some variant thereof; abortion on demand.

He goes on to describe what McCain would do in foreign policy, but has anyone in America ever described so well Obama's domestic policy????

Simple, brief, and completely scary.

h/t BigDog