Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Fair Look at Cindy McCain

She is a beautiful classy lady who didn't let being a spoiled rich kid keep her from caring for others or understanding the importance of family. She isn't perfect. None of us are, but I greatly admire her.

I haven't posted on Michelle Obama and "The View" thing because I really don't think that spouses should be the story. If they say something unusual or problematic, then I can understand. When Michelle said that about not being proud of her country until now, that was a legitimate issue. But she explained her comments and we either believe her or we don't, but it doesn't really matter as far as who we want for our next President.

I get alot of comments from people on the left about the mistakes that both John McCain and Cindy have made. But to me it isn't about being perfect. Of course we all make mistakes. It's about what we do about those mistakes and how we move forward that tell me what kind of person we are. McCain and Cindy both moved forward and did wonderfully positive things. I'll say the same about Obama. He admittedly did drugs when he was younger and he put that away and went on in a positive way. There are great lessons there. Many let their mistakes overcome them and use them as excuses to make more mistakes. It takes a great vision and a great heart to move on and become better despite the things we did that were wrong.
The problem I have always had with people like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy is that they never learned from their mistakes. They only kept making them. That shows immaturity at best and a grave and dangerous character flaw at worst.

In life we all fall. We either pick ourselves up and become better or we just keep falling. Cindy McCain picked herself up and became one whom we can all admire.

We can talk all day about this war and whether we are for it or against it, but in Cindy's case, she knows what it is to have a child in Iraq. She bears the cost. Her loyalty isn't political. She may have lived a life of privilege that most of us will never know, but she has also lived a life of grief, pain, heartache, worry, and loneliness that all of us do know.