Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Willful Blindness of the Democrats

If I thought I had any impact at all on this race, I wouldn't write this. Heaven forbid I make any Democrat really think about what they are doing. Trust me on this, if the superdelegates go Hillary's way, it will be because of the following.

Obama can't win.

The Democrats love a new guy. They love a supposed "Washington outsider." Remember this same gushing over Bill Clinton in 1992? It was all about youth and charm, and it is with Obama as well. The difference being that Bill Clinton was a moderate Democrat. Obama is about as far from moderate as any Democrat gets. It seems Democrats can't see the forest for the trees.

Democrats may be able to dismiss Pastor Wright's association with Obama, but those middle of the road voters who decide these elections, will not dismiss it. And let's be brutally honest here. Many whites in the South were just looking for an excuse not to vote for Obama, and Wright gave them one.

Everytime I suggest that many whites in the South might not vote for a black man, people gasp! "Are you saying that the South is still racist?" Well, if you call the vast majority of blacks voting for Obama as racist, then yes. Because if it isn't wrong for someone to vote for a man based solely on his skin color, then why is it wrong to not vote for someone based on the same criteria?

Color shouldn't matter, but it clearly does. On both sides. And that is just one problem Obama has. The other is credibility and courage.

Ed Koch, former NYC mayor and Democrat agrees with me:

"I’m absolutely surprised because I think that all the things that Wright says — and nobody believes that Obama supports those statements — but he didn’t have the courage to stand up and object for twenty years. If you are running for president, you can’t be like some other poor guy in the pews who is afraid to stand up or even say something privately to the minister. You’re the guy who wants to lead the country and you have to have courage to stand up and lead your own pastor. He did not exhibit that. But the fact that the Democratic constituency doesn’t seem to care is a shock to me, but I’m certain that the overall constituency voting in November will care and that it will make the difference in the adverse way to his candidacy.”

Democrats are seeing Obama through their own rose colored glasses. They are not seeing the reality of a general election. Obama's far left positions will be on display, and while that pleases Democrats, the middle of the road voter doesn't like extremes on either side. You can call McCain many things, but catering to the extreme right is not one of them.

McCain is a maverick. McCain has sponsored many bi-partisan bills. He has crossed the aisle a number of times with great success. People in general like that. Obama has done none of that. Despite all his talk of unity, he has never unified with Republicans on anything.

Hillary and Obama pretty much agree on most things. Because of that, Obama's positions have not been displayed in comparison. When that happens with McCain, Obama will be seen as the far left candidate that he really is. What Hillary did, that Obama didn't, was spend time in Congress displaying bi-partisanship. Hillary knew she would need that moderate street cred when she ran for President. She's a planner, that girl. But she didn't plan on Obama. She never saw that one coming.

Obama is like a Hollywood character. The Democrats swoon over his persona and ignore his resume and past. They ignore the state of the world around them and how that frames this election. They are like the new girlfriend of the best looking guy in the school, who ignores rumors of him being a playboy in the past. They ignore the reality because they are so in love with Obama.

But like the girlfriend, it will all end in heartbreak.