Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Will The Cards Start Falling?

Three more superdelegates pledged support for Obama today. Jeanette Council (NC); Jerry Meek (NC) and Inola Henry (CA) and the AP is reporting a switch from Clinton in Virginia, Jennifer McClellan. I just heard on Fox News that Diane Feinstein, a longtime supporter of Hillary is asking for a "talk" with Hillary. By "talk" I'm sure she means she will shake Hillary by the shoulders and yell, "Stop this! Stop it right now!"

Will this be how it all ends for Hillary? Close friends, supporters, and fellow colleagues will turn on her and ask her to bow out for the good of the party? Are many of the superdelegates being pressured to declare support for Obama and get this thing over? And what if they do and that still doesn't stop her?

I think the superdelegates want to wait for all the primaries to end, but if they can push some momentum Obama's way to May 20th when Kentucky and Oregon vote, then the Democrats will get the memo. Vote for Obama.

The Democratic party's rules and bylaws committee is meeting on May 31 to talk about what to do about Florida and Michigan. Clinton is putting all her eggs in that one basket.

I can't wait to see how this all ends. If Hillary bows out gracefully, then Democrats will heave a big sigh of relief. If she takes it to the convention floor, then it will be a showdown of theatrical proportions. Knowing the Clintons the way we do, which path do you think she will choose?

I just smile thinking about it.