Thursday, April 03, 2008

A real biography

I heard a pundit say on TV this morning something I thought very profound.

We all know that Hillary lied about sniper fire in Bosnia to make herself sound more ready for battle. Obama claimed his parents were inspired to have a child because of the march on Selma, only problem, the march was in 1965 and Obama was born in 1961.

Both Hillary and Obama feel the need to "pad' their resumes to show street cred in one way or another, McCain doesn't need to do that.

He has the biography.

Also, the pork numbers are in for Congress. Republicans who are porking up bills for their state need to be replaced. I'm sick of them. Hillary chalked up $296.2 million. Obama chalked up $97 million.

McCain chalked up ZERO.

Just two very important reasons why McCain should be our next President.