Tuesday, April 01, 2008

America is in ruins

This statement of Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple) sums up all that is wrong with her and Obama's worldview:

Even if Obama becomes president, our country is in such ruin it may be beyond his power to lead us to rehabilitation.

In such ruin? Really? Many years ago I had a housekeeper from Mexico who seemed to really love her job (She became a citizen while working for me). I asked once why she seemed to enjoy her work so much. She said that when she was growing up she had to pick beans in the hot sun of Mexico all day. She slept on the hard ground in a hut at night. She said,"Now I clean in beautiful homes with air conditioning. I love my job." Many might see her as poor. But I can promise you that my housekeeper did not feel that way. Her family owned a house, 2 cars, and a TV.

The United States offers people such opportunity and such kindness. We require that a person be treated at a hospital whether they can pay or not. We offer free food, shelter, and education for anyone who needs it. Beyond what the government offers in food stamps, welfare, and job training, we have hundreds of thousands of ministries in Churches and charities that offer shelter, clothing, food, and educational, and job opportunities.

And yet...Walker sees this country in "ruin." What is in ruin is Walker's own view.

When she was young working for civil rights in the South, she had bottles thrown at her. Blacks were beaten and killed. Voting was a dream. Yet now, we have a black woman as Secretary of State, Black Supreme Court judges, and now a presumptive black running for President on the Democratic ticket. To have come so far in such a short time is stunning really. And it makes it clear that we are a people who make mistakes, but we keep trying to make it right.

The United States keeps trying to make it right.

Does it bother anyone else that this common thread weaves it's way into Obama's life? From his Pastor who sees the United States as controlled by white supremacy to Obama's wife, who has never been proud of the United States in her adult life until now.

All the generosity of America, from helping victims of Tsunami's across the world, to Katrina, to bringing down a brutal dictator who mass murdered his own people, to billions of dollars of aid to Africa for AIDS research and help. All these things don't make Michelle Obama proud. Do they make Obama proud? It would be nice to know the truth.

These are just a few of the hundreds of things America does to help the world every day.

This is an amazing country of freedom and generosity. Everyone close to Obama doesn't see it that way though, and I don't believe Obama sees it that way either.