Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Flying under the gay radar

It seems to me that Obama has avoided addressing the gay rights issues. According to this article at The Advocate, Obama has only granted one interview with a LGBT outlet since running for President. But Obama did attend a private LGBT fund-raiser in NYC Thursday night at the apartment of GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings and his partner, Jeff Davis. Obama raised $170,000.

Sources at the party had this to say about Obama's support of the gay/lesbian/transgendered community. Many want the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to include the transgendered.

Obama said he did not think it was “politically feasible” to secure marriage rights for same-sex couples in the country at this point. Sen. Obama acknowledged that the community wanted full marriage rights but said that he favored civil unions for now while leaving open the possibility that his position might evolve in the future.

In terms of ENDA, Obama said he supported an ENDA that included transgender protections but that he didn’t believe a fully inclusive bill had enough votes to pass the Senate at this time.

So, in case you were wondering. It seems Obama is for same sex marriages and for including the transgendered in the ENDA, where employers cannot refuse to hire someone because they are a transvestite, he just doesn't think it is "politically feasible" at this time.

Good to know.