Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hillary isn't the only one...

saying Obama can't win the general election.

I totally agree with Taylor Marsh on this. The polls bear this out as well. Obama up against McCain looks like a complete rookie. Hillary will not look like a rookie.

As this Quinnipiac poll points out Hillary can take the blue collar white vote, but Obama cannot. The Wright controversy has damaged Obama in that way and it will continue to damage him in the general. The swooning of Obama is over. It took a SNL episode to wake the media to their fawning of him, but they have started treating him like a regular candidate.

By the looks of things it seems that Obama has this wrapped up. It pleases me to no end that Hillary will lose. I won't believe it though until the convention.

But....there is still the chance that Hillary can show the superdelegates the truth of the above. She is the stronger candidate in the general.

I hope not. Please. Please. I hope not.