Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today should be interesting

The polls still show Obama and Hillary neck and neck. Texas and Ohio are the states to watch today. Get this quote from Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson:

"If Barack Obama happens to be the nominee of this party, there’s going to be enthusiastic support of his candidacy from this campaign."

Huh? Someone wants the V.P. spot bad.

Bad news for Hillary. A winter storm is hitting Ohio today, where she holds a solid lead. But what if this prevents many from voting?

Info via Political Wire, which also has this:

"Marc Ambinder listened to the latest Clinton campaign conference call with reporters and concludes, "if Clinton wins the popular vote in Ohio and Texas, she's staying in the race. Even if she loses the delegate race in Texas."

"Key finding: "The Hispanic vote saved Hillary Clinton in California, and now it looks like it might do the same in Texas. She is getting almost as much of the Hispanic vote as Obama is of the black vote and that's propelled her to the lead in the state."

Interesting and hardly talked about it. It's come down to the black vote for Obama and the Hispanic for Hillary. Kinda sad when you think about it, isn't it?

And finally:

"I just think that D-Day is Tuesday. We have to have a positive campaign after Tuesday. Whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday, a clear lead, should be, in my judgment, the nominee."-- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), quoted by the AP.

Today is the day.