Saturday, March 08, 2008


I am always amazed at how some from the left think. I realize that we believe in different things, but the actual thought process is so much different.

Mark Hemingway at NRO has this classic example when explaining his distaste for the cult like behavior of Obama supporters and their propaganda like videos, and it's funny too:

After I first expressed my distaste for the videos, I was contacted by a number of outraged supporters of the Illinois Senator. In particular, I had criticized actor Ryan Phillippe for claiming he was voting for Obama because he wanted a “better future” for his children when the only thing I know about Ryan Phillipe, private citizen, is that not that long ago he emerged from a messy divorce from his Academy Award-winning wife surrounded by tabloid rumors of an affair. If you care about your kids' future, not cheating on your wife and the mother of your children seems to be of far more importance than, say, who you vote for in the primaries.

Notwithstanding this, I received an e-mail from an Obama supporter, and aside from venting some irrelevant and noxious personal insults in my direction, his sole riposte to my criticisms of those involved with, as one reader dubbed it, "The Triumph of the" video is this:

At least Phillippe and (and Obama, for that matter) bed attractive women.

Touché, my good sir! I have to applaud his obdurate unwillingness grasp my basic point. But my correspondent also introduced a curious metric into the political process: How much support does your candidate of choice have from hot babes?