Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Seven weeks to Pennsylvania

Hillary wins Ohio and Texas. Color me not surprised. I kept telling people not to count out Hillary. This woman has wanted this far too long to let some rookie take it from her.

Now she has time to take Obama down slowly, piece by piece. Seven weeks to the next big primary in Pennsylvania.

She was able to make the case that the media was treating Obama with kid gloves. She was able to show a humorous side on SNL. She took Obama's snafu regarding Canada and NAFTA and drove it home in Ohio. She was able to bring Latinos out to vote for her and against Obama. Also, the cheap shot of leaking the picture of Obama in African/Muslim dress worked for her.

This morning on Fox News, Hillary was asked what she thought about Rush Limbaugh telling Texas Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary to keep this race in chaos. Her answer sent dread to my heart. She said, "Be careful what you wish for."