Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Democrat's brawl

It's looking sweeter all the time:

The up-with-people phase of this contest is over. The clear-the-benches phase has begun — a brawl that now is more likely than not to continue until the Democratic nomination in late August.

Obama’s failure to win Ohio and Texas and lock down the nomination — combined with Clinton’s newly defensible decision to press on despite a deficit in delegates — virtually guarantees Democrats a draining contest that will give Republicans a months-long head-start on the general election. It will heighten racial, ethnic, gender, and class divisions already on stark display, raise awkward questions about the legitimacy of the nominating process, and inflict potentially lasting wounds on the eventual winner.

Grab some popcorn people. This is going to be good.

It's sorta like watching a boxing match where two contenders are beating the heck out of each other and our guy is in the back resting, relaxing and refreshed. He will be ready to take on their winner in the next round. But their winner will be bloodied and exhausted.

Pretty sweet.