Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Who are these people?

pic from GOC

More stuff from the Berkeley/Marine recruitment insanity. In addition to allowing Code Pinkers special parking to facilitate their protests and write the word "assasination" (sic) in the military office window and place a banner of bloody handprints across the window, the council has this to be proud of:

Video of the council meeting showed city officials trashing the Marines as "the president's own gangsters" and "trained killers" who are known for "death and destruction and maiming." One of the council members complained that our men and women in uniform were responsible for "horrible karma." Mayor Tom Bates offered to "help" the Marines evacuate.

But Americans are fighting back:

The San Francisco-based Move America Forward, led by talk show host/conservative activist Melanie Morgan, launched an online petition protesting the city council measures. Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina moved to strip Berkeley of pork barrel spending worth $2 million.

The American Legion mobilized as well. National Commander Marty Conatser lambasted the votes: "The American Legion not only strongly condemns this action by the City Council but also believes that a sincere apology is in order to all Marines, past and present. What these recruiters do is essential to our national security. Without recruiters we have no military. And I don't think we can count on the flower children from Berkeley to protect this nation when it comes under attack. They have to remember that Marines are not the enemy; the terrorists are."

I'm thinking these council members should be dropped in the middle of Iran for about 3 months. Let them return to kiss the feet of our Marines. They will thank all the Karma on earth that they live in this country that is protected by our finest.