Monday, February 04, 2008

Obama mania

Maria Shriver endorses Obama.

I just get the feeling the Kennedys really don't like Hillary.

I keep hearing that the reporters covering Obama can't help but gush over him. I think I believe it:

Obama crowds of late are breathtakingly large, enthusiastic. The candidate is often speaking to a massive overflow crowd of people from a bullhorn. The standard crowd size now numbers in the several thousands. Covering him, it almost feels like that magically unreal time in the few days leading up to his Iowa win....

Hmm.... Every time I get my hopes up that Obama might beat Hillary, I look at the poll numbers.

I've always said that Obama should focus on not returning our country to the Clinton years. He got a good jab in last week:

This past week, he said voters should resist the temptation to build "a bridge back to the 20th century". It was a way of arguing against another Clinton presidency. (The phrase was a play on Bill Clinton's line about building a bridge to the 21st century.)

Good one.

Hillary has a problem. The usual gutter tactics that have worked for the Clintons in the past, are not working now. They tried the subtle race baiting in South Carolina and it backfired on them. They must tread lightly with Obama and they know it. But if they tread lightly then Obama doesn't take any serious hits.

I heard a reporter on Fox News yesterday say that that the Clintons are keeping reporters far from Bill Clinton at speaking events. They are not even letting them within shouting distance. An interesting shut down.

I think we all know how Super Tuesday will turn out for Republicans, but the Democratic race will be the one to watch. Will Obamamania stop the political machine of the Clintons?