Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bolton AND Fred endorse McCain.

Come on! Who doesn't love Bolton or Fred????? We love them with a burning torch of love.

Here is Bolton:

"John McCain was very active and supportive during my confirmation hearings to be the U.S. Ambassador to the UN. His belief in me at that time was a testament to his courage to fight the liberals in the Senate and vigorously advance American interests at the UN.
"I whole-heartedly endorse John McCain for President because when he takes office in January 2009 he will be prepared immediately to lead us. John will not need on the job training.
"American conservatives will have a President they can be proud of in John McCain."

You might recall that that wasn't an easy fight. McCain stood up for Bolton. File that in the "conservative bonafides" folder, would cha?

Here is Fred:

This is no longer about past preferences or differences. It is about what is best for our country and for me that means that Republican should close ranks behind John McCain.

Fredheads may now file aboard the McCain train. There are homemade cookies and delightful drinks awaiting you. Don't be afraid. We love you.