Monday, January 07, 2008

What's a Black Person To Do?

The New York Times has an excellent article on the dilemma that Democratic black political leaders find themselves in.

So many, being long time supporters of the Clintons, find themselves wondering which way to go. Should they be loyal to the Clintons or go with what well could be the first black President of the United States (Bill Clinton non withstanding, of course)?

Jesse Jackson has finally come out in support of Obama, but his wife supports Hillary. I suppose Jesse's wife and Hillary do have a few things in common though. Like being married to powerful men who cheated on them and humiliated them. It's a strong bond, I'm sure.

But things aren't looking too good for Hillary right now: prominent black supporter of Mr. Obama, Representative Artur Davis of Alabama, called this moment “a very precarious time for the Clinton campaign.”

“For black elected officials who either stayed out of this race or have supported Senator Clinton, they’re in a very dicey position right now,” Mr. Davis said, “because their black constituents are about to move overwhelmingly toward Barack Obama.”

It seems to me that Obama caught a lot of black leaders by surprise. They didn't believe in his electability, so they placed their bets on what they thought was a sure thing, Hillary Clinton. But now, it must seem to them that there is a chance of history being made here for blacks, and can they really decide not to be a part of it because of political loyalty?