Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fox News Republican Debate

McCain obviously got the "be more happy and likable" memo. He was practically giddy.

The whole crowd needs to stop trying one liners. They don't work in this forum.

Thompson brought up John Wayne in reference to beating up Chuck Norris if he were here, reminding us that Fred seems old and tired. Why is it that McCain has so much more energy given his age and all that his body has been though?

Romney really impressed me tonight. He comes across as confident and knowledgeable.

I think all of them answered the illegal immigration problem better tonight. It's important that our position as Republicans is clear and based on what is best, not only for our country and our laws, but the illegal immigrants who are being taken advantage of and can't fully live free here.

Chris Wallace is an excellent moderator. There really was nothing knew here. McCain is counting on N.H. for a win. We shall see if the independents come out for him once again or instead, get caught up in Obamamania.