Friday, December 21, 2007

The perfect Christmas gift for your little girl!

And it's at the Dollar Store!

Yesterday, I stopped by the GAMA-GO world headquarters where co-founder Chris Edmundson presented me with this fine holiday gift. It's a set of fake breasts that he purchased, oddly enough, at a dollar store in San Francisco. Each breast is essentially a heavy-duty balloon with a built in compressed air cartridge. Squeezing the cartridge causes the breast to inflate. The back of the breast is outfitted with double-stick tape to secure it to your person. They're available, at least in our fair city, from Daiso, a large Japan-based chain of hyakkin (100 yen shops) with outlets in the United States. via Boing Boing

Does anything surprise us anymore? Btw, why does Japan make such weird things?