Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hillary is like Al Gore

Noemie Emery makes the case at NRO.

The similarities are striking. But one thing I cannot understand about Hillary in practical terms is why she insists on continuing this "cackle" that everyone, from the rightwing to the late night comedians, make fun of and makes her look contrived and ridiculous. I was pretty shocked when she cackled away again recently on the morning talk shows. What was she thinking? We all know she wasn't actually amused because the questions didn't warrant it, but surely she was aware of all the fun people made of her? Does she think that any publicity is good publicity?

I think if I were her I would stay away from what makes me look insincere. Al Gore learned from his eye rolling and sighs. He never did it again except to make fun of himself.

Maybe Hillary should take note.