Monday, December 17, 2007

Hillary on Fox News?

She must be feeling the heat. I saw her early this morning on Fox and Friends and of course, they were perfectly nice to her. I almost felt sorry for her because she was trying so hard. Mike Doocey asked her about the Hill-o-copter and she just laughed and laughed. Which made no sense. And she laughed for too long, not just a "heh, heh," that might have seemed more appropriate for the question. I can't be objective here, but her goodwill seemed so forced. On top of that, her makeup was awful. Someone had put some kind of light blue eye shadow on her (although it might have been that concealer stuff that has a blue tinge) and she had far too much blush on. I admit that sometimes Hillary can look attractive, but not this morning.

I'm not the only one noticing that she is trying so hard to be liked Maybe she shouldn't have used this as an example though:

Taking steps to fix the problem, Clinton has brought her mother and daughter to Iowa and featured them in TV ads. One of Clinton's constituents, Shannon Mallozzi of East Northport, N.Y., was on her way there Sunday as part of the new campaign. Mallozzi has a 6-year-old daughter with an incurable brain disease called hydrocephalus. As she waited to catch a plane to Des Moines for two days of campaigning, she said she spent a half-hour with Clinton several years ago to describe the disease and ask how to encourage federal research.

"She made me feel like it was just two mothers" talking in her car, Mallozzi said, then worked with her to get action on the disease and checked up on her daughter's health.

What a joke!! Hydrocephalus is one of the main reasons for late term abortions, which Hillary heartily supports. So if a mother chooses to have their child destroyed because of hydrocephalus then as far as Hillary is concerned, it's goodbye. But if your mother chooses to have the child, then Hillary suddenly cares about the child?

But only with our taxpayer money of course.

Update: I just noticed that HotAir has the video of Hillary on Fox this morning.

Update 2: If you think I'm harsh, check out the picture of Hillary Drudge is putting front and center.