Monday, December 10, 2007

How McCain Could Win...

ABC News:

"The reality is, as it's been for many, many months is that the [Republican] candidates all have weaknesses and at the end of the day John McCain is hoping that Republican voters take a deep breath, reassess the candidate and say it's not about a specific position on immigration or campaign finance reform, it's about strength and leadership and toughness in standing up in the war against terror," said Stuart Rothenberg of the Rothenberg Political Report.

"If that's how Republicans decide, they may come back to him and decide 'Well, I rejected him six months ago, but he looks like the best of the lot now.'"

This is how they see it happening. Huckabee wins Iowa, McCain wins New Hampshire, breaking Huckabee's surge, and both losses quell Romney's popularity. Then if McCain wins South Carolina or even comes in second, he will be deemed the "comeback kid." Rudy and Fred would be left without a win and the ball would be rolling.

This is how I see it happening. Evangelicals don't want Mitt. Libertarian types don't want Huckabee. True conservatives don't want Rudy. And no one seems to want Fred.

All McCain needs to do is somehow say (without actually saying it) "I'm not a Mormon (unfair I know, but there it is), I'm not an evangelical, and I'm not a liberal."

Look, every single candidate mentioned has disappointed us conservatives, whether it be on taxes, immigration, campaign finance reform, abortion, or gay marriage. So we are going to have to forgive someone here.

Who has the experience? Who has the star power? Who is right on taxes, pork barrel spending, social issues, and most importantly...the war on terror?

The McCain perfect storm. It could happen.