Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Andrew Giuliani defends relationship with father"

Oh, really?

Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew, defended his relationship with his father during an interview with the campus newspaper last week. The Duke University Junior spoke to the paper after learning that Details Magazine labeled him as the “person who could most easily torpedo” his father’s campaign, ranking him the 19th most powerful man under-45.

Andrew responded:

He added that Details mischaracterized his relationship with his father based on a New York Times article earlier this year that he said twisted his words.

“For them to say I have no relationship with my father is flat out wrong. They took a 20-minute interview and spun it in the direction that they wanted,” Giuliani said. “It’s not anything new to say that The New York Times is not in my father’s corner, and they did a good job of proving that. I wasn’t careful enough in watching my words and gave them too much rope to hang myself with.”

Umm... Such a rigorous defense! Here is the opportunity to set things straight and all he can say is that the NYT was wrong to say he had "no relationship" with his father?

Oh, he has a relationship with his father alright. It's called "strained."

There is something about leaving your kids, humilating the mother of your children in public, as you are cavorting around town with a mistress while you are mayor of NYC, that might lend itself to a "strained" relationship with those children when they are grown.

I doubt the boy will even vote for his father.

Update: If you want an in depth (and I mean really in depth) look at Rudy's business dealings after 9-11, Vanity Fair has this. Needless to say, VF hates Rudy so view the story through that lens.