Thursday, September 06, 2007


Matt Sanchez has a biting essay at RightWing News on the "Taliban of Tolerance" (the activist gay community).

Here is just a taste:

"Senator Larry Craig is caught playing footsies with an undercover police officer in a public restroom, but that's not what has progressives in an outrage. The Taliban of tolerance are angry the Idaho senator doesn't support same-sex marriage. According to gay activists, if you're willing to get physical before you flush, you should also be willing to support the idea of changing the definition of marriage so that aspiring couples can share more than a bathroom stall.

For homosexuals, cruising is a sacred pastime right up there with re-runs of Will and Grace, circuit parties and lip-syncing drag queens. Public sex is supposed to be "hot," and I have some knowledge of this having co-starred in the high-end fantasy film Tijuana Toilet Tramps. In reality, for gays, a subset that defines itself by bodily function, it is no secret that the way to a homosexual's heart is somewhere beneath the stomach. These are people who can't separate who they "are" from what they "do."

To protect the inalienable right to loiter in latrines with impunity, LAMDA, a gay rights advocate group, publishes "The Little Black Book," a guide for "safely engaging in public sex." This book is filled with ideal locations, many in malls and amusement parks where children are present. It seems that all those complaints about keeping the government out of the bedroom, also apply to public restrooms, highway rest stops, alleys, theatres, arcades, public beaches, city parks…et al."


If you aren't familiar with Matt Sanchez, let's just say his past is interesting. Being a Marine and former gay and bi-sexual adult entertainer isn't usually a combined career past. He is now an "embedded blogger" with an American military unit, first in Iraq and now Afghanistan. His life is about redemption and change.