Thursday, September 06, 2007

Debate thoughts.

Clearly McCain won. The most awkward moment was when the "citizen" asked Rudy about his family life. Rudy basically said that having a terrible personal life didn't keep him from running New York well. And if you didn't know what he did while Mayor of New York, you sure as heck knew after last night since he mentioned it about a dozen times.

Huckabee was impressive too. I wish he had more of a chance. I am liking Romney more and more. Last night wasn't his best night, but he is a Presidential figure. He really does have it all. Executive experience, conservative values (at least now he does), he is goodlooking and smart and has a great family life.

After last night, I'm thinking my old crush McCain might still have a fighting chance. After all, this guy knows how to survive and come out on top now, doesn't he?