Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Law and Order and the Presidency.

I just can't stop thinking that Fred's announcement ad looks like a promo for his show "Law and Order." And guess what? I never saw one episode of "Law and Order," so I can only imagine what the average American who has watched it feels like. Tonight Fred skips the debate and announces on Jay Leno. It's just a bit too "Entertainment Tonight!" for me.

I have always said that our candidate needs to have star power to beat Hillary, but I wasn't thinking TV and movie star power.

I'm giving Fred my attention. He's saying the right things. But does he really want this? Or is the opportunity of riding the wave of his celebrity making him feel he can't pass this up?

The main things that trouble me is the fact that his campaign staff keeps quitting and his health. Having non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is no small thing. He doesn't look exactly robust and campaigning for President isn't for the weak or weary.

I'm ready to be convinced. I am. I am just not there yet.