Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why you might not want to use Criagslist to date

Women Do Not Search For Sex On Craigslist

Some lonely fellow answered 100 Craiglist Casual Encounters ads, presumably posted by women. Of the 81 responses he got:

"-4 seems to be legitmate (or person at least): 1 successful online
conversation / 3 email conversation (2 dudes)

-58 immediat (within 2 hours) automatic fake responses (porn sites)

-19 delayed responses: the fake sites are getiing smarter, they are sending
out reply after a day

-19 non-reply (i even got rejected from porn sites!)

So yeah: Of the 4% of straight ads sampled that turned out to be real people, half of them are guys pretending to be women. Have fun out there!