Thursday, August 30, 2007

Attack of The Clones!

From Berimbau speak view hear (well, yeah, that's the blog's name)

"With reverse engineering, chinese manufacturers have come up with a replica of the iphone that is amazingly exact; and, it may actually be better that the original because it can run popular software, is open to any cellphone carrier network and it costs half as much!

This article in Popular Science talks about China's cloning industry. It's not just shoes, bags and jeans anymore. Now they can copy anything from an ipod to a Ford or Mercedes Benz, to a whole manufacturing plant off the original blueprints! Check out this gallery of a cloned Ford, Benz, PSP, Addidas, and see if you can tell them apart."

I don't get this. Wouldn't i-pod and Ford be a bit ticked off about this? Do we not sue companies in China?