Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This. Is. Important.

As Hugh Hewitt points out in Bush's speech today:

“In Iraq, our troops are taking the fight to the extremists and radicals and murderers all throughout the country. Our troops have killed or captured an average of more than 1,500 al Qaeda terrorists and other extremists every month since January of this year. (Applause.) We're in the fight. Today our troops are carrying out a surge that is helping bring former Sunni insurgents into the fight against the extremists and radicals, into the fight against al Qaeda, into the fight against the enemy that would do us harm. They're clearing out the terrorists out of population centers, they're giving families in liberated Iraqi cities a look at a decent and hopeful life.”

Why the administration or the media doesn't make a bigger deal out this, I don't know. Good grief! That makes 12,000 al Qaeda terrorists that can no longer plan to or harm America. Just since January. The left doesn't seem to understand this. We are winning if we are killing them while keeping America safe. That's it.

Update: Meanwhile, even amidst the hope of the surge working and our defeating al Qaeda, the left continues it's pessimism while at the same time insulting our vets. (and no, it's not the KosKids either)

This is KosKids, completely ignoring the al Qaeda number. In fact, no mention of al Qaeda at all.