Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Future is Ours.

Interesting commentary over at the WSJ. Arthur C. Brooks points out how strange it is to Europeans that our Presidential candidates invoke their religion while campaigning. But that isn't the most interesting part. This is:

"The demographic implications are even more profound for the political left, where a disproportionate number of secularists are located. Religious people who call themselves politically "conservative" or "very conservative" are having, on average, an astounding 78% more kids than secular liberals. Studies show that people are even more likely to vote like their parents than they are to worship like them. The secular left, therefore, has to rely on the tough slog of bringing people from the political and religious middle over to their views. The religious right simply has to keep having lots of babies."

Good grief! We have 78% more kids than liberals?? I mean, I knew we had more, but I didn't realize it was that much more. Which might explain why liberals are not as bothered by abortion as we are.

We know that we, as conservatives, don't have kids to further our political agenda or even to make them religious. It flows the other way. We have kids because we understand that they are what gives us joy (and sometimes pain) and makes life so much richer. We experience a love that cannot be matched or explained. In us, our children see that our love for them comes from an understanding that we know we are loved by God.

In other words...we get it.

Now, I know plenty of liberals who have kids and love them as I love mine. But it seems clear that they are not as plentiful as my side.

So, what does this mean? It's good news for us. We are having future Republicans and that is a good thing.

via townhall