Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The wit and wisdom of Zed

Don't be calling people names. That privilege is reserved for leftard trolls.

Maybe you should try looking in a mirror - uninformed bed-wetters.

How's traffic over at your place? Gettin' lots

But what I've seen in response to the thoughtful posts, and to what appear to be honest attempts to generate discussion, on the part of the folks we've mentioned, has been anything ranging from ignoring or belittling their comments with a couple of words (Big Dog's famous *rolls eyes,* for example) to flat out name-calling and the kind of name-calling and piling on usually associated with schoolyard bullies.

You're sick and twisted with no evident humanity

You are willing fools. You are to be pitied.

Anyone who needs any of the above to be clarified, is either really stupid, doesn't care, or is looking for an out.

You're too thick, or just being disingenuous.

You’re a traitor to the principles of this country.